Tangerine Power Vape Cartridge


Buy Tangerine Power Vape Pen Cartridge on Hello Ganja! Ka-Pow! Brace yourself for a tropical fruit punch to the tastebuds and a power up to your dome. Our fresh-squeezed Tangerine Power delivers the goods. Buckle up.
THC: 70.8%



Tangerine Power is a hybrid strain by Sin City Seeds that combines Agent Orange and Blue Power. As one might expect, Tangerine Power carries an unmistakable citrus aroma inherited from the Agent Orange parent. However, this hybrid takes after Blue Power in its paralyzing euphoria and full-body relaxation that trickles over both mind and body.


“Tastes really good, like fresh oranges. More of a stable, focused, type of high. Definitely would recommend this for people looking for stress relief.”
“Very relaxing strain. I had awful cramps and I smoked this and felt all my body pain melt away (which is exactly what I needed). It is not easy to focus on this strain, I felt it was difficult to carry a conversation. Had some trippy effects, which I enjoyed 🙂 Producer-Liberty Reach”


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