Kalvara Cannabis Cocktail


Buy Kalvara Cannabis Cocktail online, using the patented, pressurized vessel closure, kalvara is carefully crafted to deliver the euphoric effects of cannabis in a simple, clean, and precise dose. Kalvara offers rapid onset and high bioavailability while being free of preservatives, sugar, calories, and chemicals. Kinvara single includes a 2-ounce reusable bottle, and a single 10mg dose of their premium quality THC compound, sealed in Kalvara’s patented, pressured vessel closure, to remain at peak potency for a longer shelf life without the need for refrigeration.


Kalvara Cannabis Cocktail was made from a unique belief. A belief, that enjoying the euphoric effects of cannabis could be easier. Cleaner, and more consistent. Our aim was to create a smoke-free, no-guesswork alternative to other cannabis consumables. We have an impressive background in the beverage business. So we developed an all-natural cannabis-infused drink that delivers a fast-acting and precise dose of THC every time.
Through a rigorous process of testing and trials. Plus the benefits provided by the patented technology of the Vessl™ closure and delivery system, we created Kalvara Cannabis Cocktail. Formulated for high bio-availability. And rapid onset, we believe that Kalvara is the cannabis drink the world has been waiting for.


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Kalvara eco 4 packs, Kalvara single pack


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