Guava Live Resin Sugar (Alien Labs)


Live resin extractions are concentrates made from entire plants that are cryogenically frozen soon after harvesting.
Hybrid Live Resin | THC : 62%
Effects: Uplifted, euphoric, relaxed, happy, sleepy
Weight: 1 Gram (*bulk items may vary.)
4 grams — 10% OFF
8 grams — 20% OFF
12 grams — 30% OFF



Connected Cannabis Co. and Alien Labs have collaborated to create an otherworldly concentrate with incredible flavor and effects. Guava Live Resin Sugar is derived from Connected Cannabis Co.’s flowers, which were cultivated and harvested to perfection. After harvest, those buds were sent to the extraction artists of Alien Labs where they isolated the cannabinoids and terpenes locked in Guava’s trichomes. The result is live resin sugar that captures the essence of Guava in every dab. Enjoy this concentrate at a low temperature to experience the full flavor profile.


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