Grape Ape Strain


Grape Ape dense buds offer a thick, weighty high, lending themselves perfectly to a host of medical conditions. Marijuana consumers might also want to move slowly with this one, it’s potent body high can come out of nowhere.

THC: 19% | CBD: 0.6%
Strain Type: INDICA
Taste & smells like: Candy, Grape, Strawberry, Skunk
Feels like: Relaxed, Focus, Sedative, Cerebral
Similar Strains: Blueberry, Granddaddy Purple, Afghani



Grape Ape Indica is a delightful crossbreed of Mendocino Purps, Skunk, and Original Afghani, making it a pretty exciting bud to indulge in. However, despite its fruity nature, Grape Ape packs around 18-21% THC. Therefore, you can expect a high as delicious as the taste, featuring both mind and body effects.

Expect significant body relaxation as you sink blissfully into the couch. Grape Ape weed for sale is great for a day off of work or when you’re looking for a low-key afternoon, this strain is perfect for a lazy day. Have plenty of snacks around, as this strain is known to stimulate the appetite. Cannabis consumers who prefer concentrates will find Grape Ape products from HG Extractions as well as other shatters, budders, and CBD vape cartridges.
Medical Benefits of Grape Ape

Patients can apply Grape Ape cannabis strain to a range of conditions due to its useful pain-relieving properties. In fact, many athletes turn to this after an intense workout to ease muscle tension and soreness. Medical consumers tend to like Grape Ape for muscle spasms, chronic stress, pain, and insomnia. Fast-acting, it only takes a puff or two before the effects begin.

Users also report that this strain provides a clear head-high before the heavy-bodied sensations take hold
The mood-lifting, euphoric effects make this Indica great for anxiety and depression as well
Medical marijuana patients dealing with more severe conditions such as PTSD and Bipolar disorder will also find Grape Ape to be a useful strain

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