Cinderella 99 (Hybrid)


Cinderella 99 marijuana is highly potent and delivers a strong punch. She is not recommended for first-time users. In large doses, Cinderella 99 strain can cause paranoia or short-term passing out. She’s best known for her potent cerebral high, sweet fruity flavors, and epic yields and good for day and evening time use.

THC: 18.50% | CBD: 0.53%
Strain Type: SATIVA
Taste & smells like: Candy, Citrus, Pineapple, Piney
Feels like: Euphoric, Energizing, Cerebral
Similar Strains: Thai, OG Kush and Pineapple Express


The long spanning genetic love child of Jack Herer sativa and Shiva Skunk indica, Cinderella 99 strain is classified as a sativa dominant hybrid strain; with an 85% sativa, 15% indica ratio. This marijuana strain has an exceptionally high THC content, meaning that just a little bit can go a very long way, ranking in at 20-22% in conducted lab test results. Its effects typically take around 15 full minutes to begin creeping upon the body and mind, but once they hit full force, they’ll keep going powerfully for a full 90-100 minutes.
The sativa-dominant hybrid Cinderella 99 is a potent strain that smells of tropical citrus and tastes of sweet lemons with an earthy undertone. It’s high is often defined as perfect for uplifting creativity of the mind, creating a dreamy mood and an accompanying light body high. There’s often increased energy when consumed and many claim that it can be used throughout the entirety of the day, its high usually lasting around 90 minutes. However, little is needed to feel this strain’s effects, with reviewers noting a little goes a long way.

Paranoia is a known ill side-effect if too much is consumed at once along with a mild headache or dizziness.
Medical Benefits of Cinderella 99 Strain

This potent strain offers medical marijuana patients relief from a number of conditions, symptoms and ailments.

Patients tend to like this strain for stress, fatigue, depression, pain, and migraines
The energetic buzz of this strain makes it a great choice for marijuana patients looking for a daytime cannabis option
New cannabis consumers might want to be a little cautious with Cindy. Her THC content tests around 22%, making this a potent strain. Watch out for paranoia and dry mouth, but the effects are quite pleasant and surreal overall

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