Bubble Gum Strain


Bubble Gum marijuana strain induces strong cerebral euphoria followed by mild body relaxation. Boosts energy, prompts giggles. Uplifts mood, alleviates depression. Relaxes the body, relieves stress, has very mild analgesic properties.

THC: 19.00% | CBD: 0.18%
Strain Type: HYBRID
Taste & smells like: Bubblegum, Candy, Sweet
Feels like: Creative, Euphoria, Sedative
Similar Strains: Juicy Fruit, Blueberry and Agent Orange



Bubble Gum marijuana strain will make you feel euphoric and relaxed. It is an uplifting high and since it is an indica dominant hybrid you may get the munchies toward the end. Bubble Gum marijuana is a winner of 2nd place in 1995 and 1999, as well as first in 1994 Cannabis Cup awards. Bubble Gum cannabis is good for daytime medicinal and recreational use. This strain was first created in Indiana when growers crossed Indiana Bubble Gum cannabis strain with an unknown Indica flower. That initial result required some careful work and cultivation over in Amsterdam before it reached its modern glory. The product of all that hard work that is known and loved today bears its name thanks to its sweet smell and taste of classic, pink bubblegum. This Indica-dominant hybrid has seen multiple “Cannabis Cups” since the ‘90s and is well-loved for its sweet euphoria that settles into full-body relaxation. Whether it be psychological woes like anxiety or stress, or physiological ailments like pain and stiffness, this strain can help you out.
Medical Benefits of Bubble Gum Strain

Depending on where you get your seeds, you may find more Sativa-dominant versions of this strain.

Those in need of appetite stimulation, stress, and pain relief will enjoy this herb in its Indica-dominant variety. While not the most powerful strain in the world, it may provide some relief for minor to moderate aches and inflammation.
Expect a more creative high from Sativa versions, with slightly better relief for anxiety and depression.
Some find that Bubble Gum is helpful for improving sleep while others might feel like this flower promotes wakefulness.

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