Afghani Strain


with a THC content at 18-22% and little to no CBD this strain proves perfect for nighttime use and is great in seeping into a state of relaxation. Afghani Users can expect herbal, citrus, and peppery scents coming through with each smoke created from the interesting pairing of terpenes present. Fancy a clear mind paired with a feeling of happiness and ultimate contentment, Afghani is the right choice for you!

THC: 19% | CBD: 0%
Strain Type: INDICA
Taste & smells like: Earthy, Sour, Spicy, Sweet
Feels like: Relaxed, Sleepy, Euphoric
Similar Strains: Blackberry Kush, Afghan Kush, Purple Urkle



Afghani is an Indica strain with roots leading to the Hindu Kush mountain range close to the Afganistan-Pakistan boarder. It is mother to nearly all Kush strains we see available today. Afghani’s buds are large crystal-covered flowers with a full dusting of resin, a true beauty!

Afghani Weed Strain has been used to breed popular child strains like Northern Lights and Blueberry, both Cannabis Cup winners. In the frenzied market for new crossbred strains, this building block strain – also known as Afghani #1 – can be harder to come by. THC content is high at 15 to 20% and the CBD level is 0.6%.
Medical Benefits of Afghani Cannabis

Medical effects of Afghani has sedative properties as Afghani’s mellow euphoria is useful in the treatment of anxiety and PTSD. The almost narcotic bodily effects can also be used to relieve chronic pain. Above all, this strain is prized for its ability to relieve insomnia and promote deep sleep.

Afghani’s high comes on like a wave, gradually rolling over you and easing you into a weighty calm. Mental effects are present, but slight, manifesting more as spacey contentment than as novel thinking or clearheadedness. As users peak, they may experience greater bodily awareness alongside feelings of heavy relaxation. Because this strain does less to promote activity and mobility, it can be beneficial to make sure your surroundings are soothing and familiar before consuming.

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